The Beef

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Born and raised on the ranch

CWR Forage Fed and Finished Beeves spend their entire life cycle on the 12,000+ acre ranch.  They are born on the green fields and hillsides, and are butchered in our front yard.  This is critical to the integrity of our product.  We know what does, and does not, go into our animals.


CWR runs almost an entirely closed system.  As far as feed is required,  the only food products that don't come directly from our land are salt, kelp, and apple cider vinegar; all of which are certified OMRI approved and organic products.  The hay that is supplemented during the winter months comes from our fields that never get sprayed with herbicides, pesticides, or fertilized with chemicals.


healthier for you

Circle W Ranch cattle ARE NOT fed corn, grain, or soy. There are multiple reasons for this. The main one being that cattle weren't designed to eat these foods.  Their bodies don't efficiently process these foods.  Consequently, bovines become unhealthy when they consume such products.


As Michael Pollan aptly points out in his book, The Omnivore's Dilemma, omega-3 is produced in the leaves of plants. Omega 6 comes from the seeds. He says, "Too high a ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 can contribute to heart disease, probably because omega-6 helps blood clot, while omega-3 helps it flow. (Omega-6 is an inflammatory; omega-3 an anti-inflammatory.)"


Rations primarily built with cheap feed like corn, grain and soy are very high in omega-6, and extremely low in omega-3. This makes the cattle unhealthy-let alone the people who eat them.  If the beeves fed these rations were fed for months on end, they would be at high risk for coronary failure!


CWR Forage Fed and Finished Beeves can thrive on our forage for over a decade.  CWR bovines have never been fed anything but forage, resulting in a healthy balance of omegas.  Forage fed is better for the beef, and better for you!

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No Junk

When you purchase CWR Forage Fed and Finished Beef, you can be certain that it has never had hormones added, antibiotics, steroids or vaccines.  It was raised on natural native grasses and forage in the rangeland. Then it's finished on non-GMO fields of clovers, alfalfa, grasses and numerous other varieties of plants. We don't spray these fields or the rangeland with herbicides or pesticides, and we don't chemically fertilize. When you choose our organically raised forage finished beef, you will be purchasing beef free of all these harmful, destructive by-products.


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Healing the land

When you buy CWR Beef, you are supporting the healing and the restoration of the land.  As part of the regenerative ranching process, our cattle play a key role in increasing soil depth, and healing the land.


The mother cows are working to eradicate weeds and further establish a bountiful, diversified supply of forage. The steers on the irrigated pasture live the most fulfilling life possible for a bovine. They live the most stress free life possible.  In fact, most of them will follow you around the pasture like a 1400 lb pet!  


As CWR cattle consume the minerals we give them, they are remineralizing and fertilizing the soil. And as they play their important role in this process, they are making an even better environment for the next generation of cattle that will follow them. When you patronize Circle W Ranch, you also play a vital role in this process of leaving the land better for the next generation.


We at Circle W Ranch are passionate about the land, animals, and people we serve.  We are committed to providing you with premium, 100% forage fed, organically raised beef.  We practice regenerative ranching methods, working together with the design and natural rhythm of nature for the benefit of all.  We believe superior, nutrient rich animals are the result of healthy land and humane treatment.