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Buy Direct from Circle W Ranch

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We are honored that you are considering buying beef direct from Circle W Ranch!  We offer whole, half, and quarter portions of beef, purchased directly from our ranch to your home. 


Buying direct from CWR, you can be confident that your beef has been raised and butchered in a way that maximizes the health and flavor of the beef.  This is accomplished by allowing our bovines to birth in sync with nature, and butchering the beeves at the peak of their nutritional health. 

Our butchering season typically extends from June through October.  But when you purchase a whole, half, or quarter portion, your freezer will be stocked with quality beef at your fingertips all year round!

To reserve your CWR organically raised, forage fed and finished beef, simply follow our three step process, below.

Reserve Your Order

Reserving your order is simple.  Just call or email Circle W Ranch and we will be happy to reserve your whole, half, or quarter portion.  Unsure of how much you want to reserve?  No problem.  Check out our Buying Beef By The Portion page and/or give us a call.


Customize your Beef

You've reserved your CWR Beef!  Congratulations!  The next step in the process is to customize your order.  Approximately 10 days before your beef is ready, you will be contacted by our local butcher shop.  At this time you will have the opportunity to select what cuts of beef you want, as well as the thickness of your steaks, weight of your roasts, and the amount of ground beef per package.  If this process is new for you, no worries.  The butcher shop's friendly workers will happily walk you through the process, and keep your information on file for your next purchase.


Pick up your beef or have it delivered

If you are local, or would enjoy a beautiful drive to North Central Oregon, you can pick up your beef directly from the butcher located in John Day.  


For an additional fee, your beef can also be delivered directly to your doorstep by Circle W Ranch.



We at Circle W Ranch are passionate about the land, animals, and people we serve.  We are committed to providing you with premium, 100% forage fed, organically raised beef.  We practice regenerative ranching methods, working together with the design and natural rhythm of nature for the benefit of all.  We believe superior, nutrient rich animals are the result of healthy land and humane treatment.