CWR Forage Finished Beef

Organically Raised in the Untamed Backcountry of

North Central Oregon


Our organically raised herds graze and forage on over 12,000 acres of the purest land in Oregon.  At CWR, our cattle enjoy clean air, sunshine, pure mountain water, and a diverse assortment of wild mountain grasses and forage.  When you purchase CWR beef, you can be assured the animal's diet is forage based from the time the calf is young enough to begin supplementing its mother's milk supply with foraging, all the way to the butcher date. You can be certain that it has NEVER had hormones added, antibiotics, steroids, vaccines, grain, corn, or soy.  It is raised on natural native grasses and forage in the rangeland. Then it’s finished on non-GMO fields of clovers, alfalfa, grasses and numerous other varieties of plants. The only food products that don't come directly from CWR land are salt, kelp, and apple cider vinegar; all of which are certified OMRI approved and organic products. We DO NOT spray our fields or the rangeland with herbicides or pesticides. And we don't chemically fertilize.  When you choose CWR forage finished beef, you will be purchasing a great tasting, healthful beef, free from harmful, destructive byproducts.

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"This beef knocked our socks off!  Some grass fed beef can be tough and chewy.  But we did not experience this with our order!  We also appreciate how attentive CWR is with raising their cattle, and the sensitivity around how they harvest them.  It also was a really fun experience when we picked up our beef. It is apparent that CWR cows are very happy! We will be long term customers."

—  Joni K

Spray, Oregon


We at Circle W Ranch are passionate about the land, animals, and people we serve.  We are committed to providing you with premium, 100% forage fed, organically raised beef.  We practice regenerative ranching methods, working together with the design and natural rhythm of nature for the benefit of all.  We believe superior, nutrient rich animals are the result of healthy land and humane treatment.